Men's sheds are non-profit local organisations that provide a space not neccessarily in a shed for craftwork and social interaction.


The movement originated in Australia around the 1980s as a way to improve social interaction to improve the health and wellbeing of older men.


Biggar and District Mens Shed is a registered charity, but we have no form of ongoing income from sponsors or government at this time, so we exist on donations from our members and members of the public as payment for items/services undertaken.


Donations enable us to continue and provide the space and facilities to undertake the activities for our members by paying for running costs of electricity and material supplies for various projects


If you wish to make a donation in order to enable us to continue in operation please click on the following link to go to a "Just Giving" page


As we are a registered charity = SC049102 if you link on and indicate that you are a registered Tax Payer we will gain extra income, as an example if you donate £20.00 with Gift Aid that would be worth £25.00 to the shed