Register of land

7.4. To help community bodies identify assets that may be available through asset transfer, section 94 of the Act requires each relevant authority to establish, maintain and make available a register of land which it owns or leases, "to the best of its knowledge and belief".


The register, in the form of a map was on the website but now cannot be found.




12. Obtaining a joint valuation of the asset

12.1. The Act does not say how much should be paid to rent or purchase an asset, and there is no requirement to obtain a valuation for the purposes of the Act. However, both the relevant authority and the community transfer body are likely to need to understand the "market value" of the asset, for accounting, borrowing or funding purposes, and to ensure transparency about the amount of any reduction from market value. A market value is also required for Best Value and State Aid assessments.

12.2. To reduce overall costs and provide a common starting point, we would encourage the relevant authority and community transfer body to obtain a joint valuation, and to agree that this will give the figure on which discussions will be based. If at any stage the relevant authority and the community transfer body are unable to agree on the approach, they may need to obtain separate valuations instead.